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I am an empty paper bag, a broken dog barking at a brown moon

UK alternative band and John Peel favourites Broken Dog formed in 1994 and disbanded in 2004
In the summer of 1994 Clive Painter and Martine Roberts met and began to record and develop their songs on a worn out reel to reel machine.
Inspired by the spirit of such American luminaries as the Grifters, Swell, Pavement, Smog, Will Oldham and Guided By Voices, they set about recording what became their debut album, discovering along their colourful way a penchant for dark, brooding undertows.
Big Cat Records signed them, and their critically acclaimed self-titled album was released in November 1996.

Broken Dog disbanded in 2004 and in their ten years they released five albums and six singles/eps.
After the release of Zero, Broken Dog released Sleeve With Hearts on the Piao! label, and then signed to The Kitty Kitty Corporation and finally to Tongue Master Records.

Clive has continued to play in other bands such as The Real Tuesday Weld and in 2009 he formed The 99 Call with Paul Anderson from Tram. Clive is also known for instrumental tracks which he has released on various labels under the name 'Wolf'.

Both Clive and Martine have spent time collaborating and producing records for other bands.
Most prominently, they co-wrote with Paul And erson for his project Tram, producing a handful of singles and the much acclaimed debut album 'Heavy Black Frame'.

Martine Roberts - vocals, bass guitar, guitar, drums.

Clive Painter - guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, sound recording.